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        Potassium Sulphate Production Line


        Process Introduction:

        It is well-known as there are two kind of popular methods to be used to produce Potassium Sulphate Product, one is decomposition method, the reaction is not good, the product quality should be improved. Another method is the Mannheim furnace process, it is used widely.

        Our process is Mannheim Furnace, and we already made some necessary and important improvement and perfection on its production equipment and design of this process, to form a unique and perfect Potassium Sulphate production technology now. Our improved process had been successfully applied in Philippines, Indonesia and Egypt, to be approved that our process and technology is excellent, gets the Customer’s credit, trust and satisfaction.


        Of course, KTT has been dedicating himself into building the best quality Potassium Sulphate Plant, to produce best quality final product. 


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